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Shaka hobbies raceway

Track Location: 1204b TX-110n, Whitehouse, TX 75791

               Racetrack Facility Rules

     Track use fee is $15/person Per Day or $60/month.  on race days, this fee does not includes entry fee. Race day fee will be $15 1st class and $10 for every other class. Please pay at counter before going out to the tracks.

    Facility Rules:

      no drugs or alcohol allowed. no smoking/vaping inside facility.
      never run your car the opposite direction of intention on the track! you will        be removed permanently.

      Do not step on track, you will be removed permanently if asked multiple times.       use equipment provided at track to right your car.

      spectators welcome, no horseplay allowed.

      Track use schedule on non race days is To be determined.

      you must have an easylap transponder to race.

      You must sign waiver to use facility.

      clean up after yourself.



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